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Artist Statement

Michèle Paris-Seubert is a French American artist who grew up in Southern France and now resides in the San Francisco Bay area.


Michele’s portfolio is fairly unique as it is highly diversified in themes styles and mediums.


She is an accomplished photographer. Her photographs can be realistic or abstract. Besides photographing landscapes and architecture she recently focused on bird photography as she has always felt a strong connection with birds. 


As a painter she alternates between oils and watercolors . Recently she has been particularly drawn to watercolors for their freshness, spontaneity and translucency. Her latest watercolors include landscapes and portraits. Also a few years ago she had lots of fun creating a children’s story and illustrating it with her own watercolors . Her oil paintings include landscapes, close-ups of flowers after Georgia O”Keefe, and even abstracts.


In the fall she embarked in a different adventure as she decided to have a couple of her personal artworks to be transferred onto fabric. Art applied in such a way gives it a functional twist and makes it accessible to a larger public.


In her continuous search for a new approach and new challenges,  she remains an eternal devoted follower of Vincent Van Gogh and John Singer Sargent whose brushstrokes, palette and love for light are her constant source of inspiration.

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